Friday, December 17, 2010

Mum - Close up - W.I.P - by Kylie Fowler

This is where my painting is at the moment. I've had enough of it for a while and will go back to it in the new year (sorry Mum.......=D ) Unfortunately this photo is a little out of focus. Bugger. Oh well. You get the picture.......get it?? he he he

I've been working on some whimsical characters at home lately and hope to post some more of those in the near future.

Today I plan to pick up some artwork from the printers. They are producing some prints from my original artworks and I can't wait to see how they turned out. =D Follow Me on Pinterest


  1. Looking great! Love the expression of her eyes.

  2. Thanks Flor. Happy holidays to you. =D

  3. Kylie, your work is so awesome!!! Thanks for following, I am doing the same...

  4. Kyles, your portrait painting is so awesome! Have you finished this one? Where can I see it?

  5. @Lucy
    Hi Lucy, I've created a new post jut for you here: