Sunday, July 29, 2012

A Giveaway of sorts

Sheri Ponzi, the brains behind 'Angels in my Studio' is having a party to celebrate her birthday. To help her celebrate I am having a giveaway of sorts....well almost.

From now until August 5th you can sign up for Angels In My Studio and name your own price! 

The course regularly sells for $111, but until August 5th you can join us at whatever price you can afford. 
Angels in my Studio Online Course Promotion

Just click the button below to register for Angels In My Studio and name your own price!!

***Sale has now ended.***

Once you complete your transaction, YOU WILL NEED TO EMAIL KYLIE at in order to get access to the course. Access will be arranged within 24 hours.

If you wanted to be an Angel you could share this post wherever appropriate. Thanks so much.
Hugs, Kyles xo
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  1. Really? Whatever price? Are you serious?

    1. Yes Lucy, all you need to do is click the 'Donate' button and follow the directions. Easy Peasy. I don't like that it says 'Donate' instead of 'Buy Now' but the 'Buy Now' button does not allow you to choose your own price.
      I hope you join up. =D

  2. This is so wonderful and generous, you deserve a star!!

  3. Hi Manon, I'd love to take all the credit but the truth is that it's Sheri Ponzi's idea. She is the course creator and decided that this is how we would celebrate her birthday, which is coming up. I hope you join up.
    Hugs, Kyles =D

  4. I just saw this and see the donate button still works, but it's after the 5th. Is it still an option?

    1. Hey there Leila, I'll find out for you. =D

    2. Hi Leila, I spoke to Sheri, the creator, but unfortunately joining via the promotion is no longer an option. So sorry. xo