Saturday, January 15, 2011

Willowing's Klimt inspired mixed media artwork. =D

I have to share some wonderful work with you. Mixed media artist and illustrator Willowing (Tamara Laporte) has recently uploaded this amazing Klimt inspired piece, as apart of her new online course, 'Magical, Mythical, Makings'. I love it. If you like this work then do yourself a favor and join in this wonderful course or one of the many other courses/workshops Tam offers.
close up of goddess - m3
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  1. I saw this on Tam's Flickr site and commented on how fabulous is was. Good for you to highlight it in your blog as I think the piece well deserves some publicity. I have joined up for this course and and now so looking forward to it after seeing this.

  2. I'm also glad that you posted this--I am heading over there now--Thank You!