Sunday, April 29, 2012

Missing in Action - AIMS Giveaway results.

Yes I have been missing in action. My husband, children and I have been camping for the past 6 or so weeks. I thought I'd better post the results of my latest giveaway. I wont be posting regularly until we return home in approximately 4 weeks. My apologies for those blogs that I regularly visit. The winners of a free placein 'Angels in my Studio', the upcoming course I will be teaching at are: Cynthia Hanna from Creative ARTitudes and Natasha May from Natasha May Artworld I will forward your details on to Sheri, the course organizer. Not sure how this post is going to look as I'm posting for the first time from my iPad. Also having trouble adding a picture. Oh well. Hugs, Kyles :D P.S if you haven't enrolled in LifeBook then you are certainly missing out. The work the students are producing is amazing. All videos and pdf's are downloadable so you can view them in your own time. I will post some work I have completed from the other teachers classes when I return home.
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  1. Welcome back, Kyles! It's a long holiday! :)
    And congrats to the lucky winners!

  2. Wow camping for all that time, I can't imagine camping in the UK for that length of time, it would be awful lol ;o)

    I hope you're having a fabulous time x

  3. OMG! Are you serious!! :))) Woohooo! Thanks so much! Kyles, you just made my day, month actually and have a fantastic time camping!

  4. Six week camping you guys must be very serious campers. How wonderful. Hope it's been amazing.

  5. We leave in June for 5 weeks...I completely understand! Hope you are having a wonderful time...enjoy every bit of it!!

    Thanks for checking in, though...always a pleasure to hear from you :D