Friday, November 4, 2011

Famous Paintings & Heros ATCs

I forgot to show you a few ATCs I have received over the last few months.

For my August ATC Swap over at The lovely Beth Gould, from 'Dreaming of Tomorrow' was my partner and boy did I receive two wonderful ATCs.

The theme for the month was: Famous Paintings. You can see the two I sent Beth here. These ATCs below are the two I received from Beth. Aren't they great? There is even a little pearl bead glue to 'the girl with the pearl earring'.

The theme for the month of September was: Heros. The lovely Laura Zato Clemons sent me the ATCs below. Aren't they beautiful? You can see the two I sent to Laura here.

So, as you can see (especially if you've been following me for a while), I have a wonderful collection of ATCs. I just need a way to display them all in my studio. Any ideas?

I hope this post finds you well.
Kyles =D

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  1. WOW! These are fabulous! So much love in each little card. Depending on how many you have, I say hang them as a garland. xox

  2. Love your Mogdalini ATC's Kyles! ATC's are exactly the size of a sports trading card and there are lots of frames for them here

  3. @danielle daniel
    Hey there Dani,
    Thanks for that. Great idea. I'll have to think about it some more. Love your blog, by the way.=D

  4. @Geri Centonze
    Hi lovely Geri,
    Thanks so much for the link. I will go and have a look there now. I hope your birthday dinner was great.
    Kyles =D