Friday, November 11, 2011

A mixed media piece from The Secret Hermit - Micki Wilde

I brought a beautiful original mixed media art piece from Micki Wilde, otherwise known as 'The Secret Hermit', from her Etsy store. I was so excited when I saw the parcel from Micki in my mail box today. I thought it would take longer to get to me, so it was a great surprise. I really like it before I bought it (obviously), but in real life it's even more fabulous. I now LOVE it. =D
Micki is a very talented mixed media artist from the U.K and I have been following Micki's work for quite some time now. Every Monday (I think it's Sunday in the U.K) morning I wake to have a lovely coffee while perusing her latest post, to see what wonderful work she has created over the week. It seems that every time I have fallen in love with one of her creations, I head over to her Etsy store to find that it has already been sold. This has happened so, so many times. Thankfully I came across this little beauty and couldn't hit the 'Add to Cart' button quick enough. It was such a relief when my purchase went through.
I thought I would show you some of my favorites from Micki's vast collection of works. I hope to one day own some more of her awesome work.

 To see more of Micki's awesome, ever changing art work please visit her:
Thank you so much Micki. Your artwork is now up in my art studio, inspiring me.

I hope this post inspires you all.
Happy creating,
Kyles =D
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  1. Aww thank you for the post, i'm so glad my art has gone to such a loving home :)

    Micki x

  2. Yes, this is inspiring, Kyles!
    I especially love the one with black and butterfly hair. She looks Chinese!

  3. Wow....beautiful....I specially love the 4th girl dress in pink...what a cute one = )

  4. Oh wow! Lucky you! Micki's work is awesome and I've enjoyed her work from afar... I must pop on over to her blog - it's been a while since I made it over there.

    Thanks for sharing your latest inspiration!
    Jessi xox

  5. @The Secret HermitYou are certainly welcome Micki. I Love it, truly. It looks more wonderful in person than on the computer and it took less than 2 weeks to get to me. I'm a happy chappy indeed. Thanks again. I'll be back......***in my best Arnie voice***
    (Arnold Swartz??????)xo

  6. @Lucy
    She does a little Lucy. Micki creates great work. =D

  7. @Art Expression That is a cute one. If you follow the links you will see many, many more great works of Micki's. =D

  8. @JessiVilleHello lovely Jess,
    Long time no see. I must pay you a visit.
    Yes Micki has loads of inspiring works. I hope to own another one of her works one of these days. =D