Saturday, November 12, 2011

Portrait of Mum

Mum - finished, I think - by Kylie Fowler by Blissful Pumpkin
I don't think I ever posted the final painting of my painting of my Mum.
This is acrylic on canvas and is approximately 1m x 1.2m. It's on a very large easel.
You can see the original drawing here.

In case you didn't see the self-portrait I did, which is exactly the same size, here it is:
These painting were to be a series of 3. I have made the third canvas, but have yet to make a start on it. It was to be either my Nana (grandmother) or my daughter, as the three would represent three generations. My style changes all the time, so who knows what the third one will look like.
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  1. beautiful, what a great idea!

  2. @Miriam Kaye
    Thank you very much Miriam. I hope to get number 3 day. =D

  3. Oh it's so good to see your final painting of your mum! I was just wondering when I read your other WIP post.
    Love your portraits.
    Your mum looks a kind and happy woman. And you look more serious and as focused on some thing (a goal in life? perhaps). It would be very interesting to see how your grandma or daughter will be under your brushes!

  4. @Lucy
    Oh Thank you so much Lucy.
    My Mum is a kind happy woman. She is wonderful.
    Yes I don't think I ever look this intense or serious in real life. lol.
    In my next post I will post some of my other portraits for you to see. I have done another of my Mum in watercolour as well. I prefer it to this one. I really should post more of my work. I have so many things here that I have not posted. Just need to find more time in each day. lol.
    Kyles =D

  5. I remember seeing the first posting of your Mum's portrait and then I commented on how you had caught such depth in her character, showing her to be the wonderful person you love and adore. So it is lovely to see the finished piece, which is just so beautiful.
    The portrait of you has such beautiful depth and colouring and I can imagine that your Mum's eyes would have been the same at your age, as you have caught that similarity.
    I think it would be nice for you to do your daughter, as you are a direct link between them. Whether you paint your daughter or Nan, they will be such treasured paintings for your family to display.

  6. YOu are so amazingly talented. I want to see your final portrait--or--maybe even another one too--so you can have 4 generations--that would be wonderful.

  7. Your art is so inspiring! So awesome! I'm going to have to do a self portrait myself,thank you!

  8. @linda
    Awww, Thank you so very much Linda. Thank you for taking the time to add your well thought out and appreciated comments. See, I don't call you lovely Linda for nothing. he he. I haven't drawn or painted my kids before, as I think I will find this the most frustrating. As to me, my kids are perfect, and I wont be able to perfectly create them as I see them in real life. Although I do want to try. I just keep putting it off. Does that makes sense. =D

  9. @Diane
    Hi there Di, Awww I feel like crying. Thank you very much.
    I would love to have 4, as there is 4 generations alive, it just takes a while as they each are so big and I am so fussy. lol.

  10. @Julie-ann Bowden Hey there Jules,
    Thank you. I thought for sure you would have painted a self-portrait before. If you paint one, I'd love to see it. =D

  11. Wow! Really fantastic work! I am looking forward to seeing the 3rd in the series. I am following you now :)

  12. @kristenHi there Kristen, or should I say Kae Pea, Thank you very much. Thansk for the visit and for joining my creative adventure......where ever it may lead. Good to see you here.
    Kyles =D

  13. @MartinaThank you very much Martina. Thanks for stopping by and taking the time to comment on my work. I really appreciate it. =D