Thursday, November 24, 2011

Pencil Portrait Completed

I have finished one of the commissioned pencil portraits I have on my agenda at the moment. Hooray! Unfortunately I can not show you this portrait in it's entirety, as it is a surprise gift for someone. But I will show you at a later date, once it has been give to the recipient. 
I've tried to spruce up my images a little, instead of the my usual style. What do you think? I used a free photoshop template from Rita over at The CoffeeShop blog. I highly recommend you pay her a visit. 

By the way, I'm now on Pinterest and I am addicted. You can add a 'Pin It' tab to your browser and 'Pin' anything from any site. It's awesome. Great for saving ideas to refer back to later. Have a look at my pin boards and you'll get the idea.

Until next time,
keep creating,
Kyles =D

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  1. Awesome work, Kyles, you sure do have some skills lady!!
    I was just talking to my hubby the other day about messing with my piccies to make them look more fancy for my blog, I will check out that link you put up.

    I'm on pinterest too.....soooo addictive ;o)

  2. I can't wait to see the new portrait! I started out doing colored pencil children's portraits so I know how challenging they are. After a couple of years, I had to leave "reality" to live in my current world of whimsy!!

    I love Pinterest, too but it won't work with AOL. Eeeeerrg! I would use it a LOT more if I could but I have to log out and go into IE. It's a pain! Maybe they'll fix that soon!


  3. Kyles, you are such a gifted artist. I can't wait to see the finished portrait

  4. @The Secret Hermit Awww, thank you swwet Micki. Like you can talk. I love your work, as you know.
    Yeah I decided to get a little I look forward to seeing your new creative photos in your next blog post. xo

  5. @Sunny Carvalho Hello there lovely Sunshine. I didn't know you started in children's portraits. I'd love to see some of your portrait work, if you want to share.
    I am finding that I am wasting far too much time on pinterest. I will look you up on there. xo

  6. @Geri Centonze Oh wow! Thank you so much Geri. It means a lot coming from you, as you are very talented. I'm chuffed. xo

  7. even though you can not show us this portrait, i love the artful photos you took with the pencils near it! i might have to figure out what Pinterest is about.

  8. @TammieThank you Tammie. You'll get addicted. Considered yourself =D