Sunday, July 31, 2011

I corrected my mistake on my mixed media ATC.

ATC Dreams 1 - Corrected by Blissful Pumpkin

ATC Dreams 1, a photo by Blissful Pumpkin on Flickr.
I thought I'd share with you my corrected ATC from an ATC Swap on I triple checked the spelling this time. he he he
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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

What a BIG mistake? Can you spot it?

Dreams ATC 2  by Blissful Pumpkin

These two ATC's were created for the July ATC Swap on for Anette Husum. This month's theme was 'Dreams'.

It wasn't until I scanned them into my computer that I noticed my HUGE mistake.Woops! I can't believe I never noticed it until now. 

So Annette, if you read this, I will be sending you another ATC to replace my dodgy one.

I'm so glad I can laugh at myself. 

Can you see my mistake? Has this ever happened to you? I'm so glad this was only an ATC and not a large painting.

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Friday, July 22, 2011

I went to see amazing artist Jane Davenport

Last week I finally got the chance to visit Jane Davenport's 'The Institute of Cute', located in the beautiful Bryon Bay.  We were on our way back from visiting family in Queensland, and I convinced my husband to alter our planned route back to Melbourne so that I could stop at Jane's gorgeous store. Ever since I discovered Jane's blog I have wanted to visit her super cute. 

Unfortunately I did not get to meet the lovely Jane herself. However when I arrived, I was greeted by the wonderful Fiona, who was working there at the time. Talk about great customer service. What a gem she is. She seemed just as excited about Jane's store and its gorgeous items as I was. If it wasn't for my husband and kids, that were waiting for me patiently, I would have definitely spent longer there.

I ended up buying a beautiful A4 hardbound journal, an Aquah brush pen, an Acylic paint dabber and a blending pencil. As you can see from the above photo, the cute lady bug bag I'm holding was a free gift with my purchases. I love it. There were so many more things I wanted, but I thought I'd save the rest to buy from Jane's online store. I have my eye on some of the items pictured below, as well as some more of the art supplies, obviously =D.

I walked out of this store with the biggest smile on my face. This visit to Jane's awesome store was the highlight of my holiday for sure.

You can find Jane at the following places:

Special thanks to Jane and Fiona. =D
If you would like to learn more about Jane and her artwork, Jane was interviewed by Tam Laporte (Willowing) on Tam's fabulous Ning site You can read the interview here.

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