Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Travel Journal Sneeky Peek & WOYWW

Here is a sneaky peek at my mixed media art journal that I used while I was in Europe recently, as promised.

I quickly whipped up a travel size watercolour journal to fit into my carry/hand bag that I kept with me throught my travels, using 300gm watercolour pages as well as some beautiful scrapbooking pages. Yes the front cover lacks some pizazz,  but that's a job for another day.

 This is the AMAZING Peerless colour palette I made before I left so I didn't have to take too many supplies. I learnt how to create this from the talented Jane Davenport. You can see how to make one for yourself here.

 I used only the Peerless Watercolours for this page.

Yes it did rain in London, surprise, surprise. A great excuse to play in my art journal I say.  ;)

The following two pages were inspired by Teesha Moore's unique style. This is certainly not my usual style, but was a lot of fun. The first page I finished off on returning home. The second page still needs some more work.

 I thought I would add this image of my studio to celebrate 'Whats on your Work desk Wednesday'. Artist Julia Dunnit's blog Stamping Ground hosts an international party full of a variety of artists sharing their work/studio spaces. So I thought this week I would join in. This is what my work table looks like at the moment. Lots of 'works in progress' usual. he he he. =)

Wherever you may be in the world I hope you are feeling blessed, loved and supported.
Hugs, Kyles =D
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Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Lifebook 2013 - You Can Sign Up Now.

Wow! It's that time of year again. 
Registration for the amazing Lifebook 2013 is now open. 

If you took part in Lifebook 2012 then you already know what value for money this fabulous year-long course is. How can over 1200 students be wrong? That's right. Over 1200 students joined in this year.

Next year there are 21 teachers joining the amazing and talented Tamara Laporte in another year-long creative adventure.  

The list of teachers is astounding and impressive I must say. 
I wont be one of the teachers this year, however I will be enrolling as I know from first hand experience, both as a teacher and a student of Lifebook 2012, that Lifebook 2013 is too good to miss out on. Where else can you learn from so many talented teachers, for a whole year, for such an amazing price?

The line up of teachers include Tamara Laporte (of course) as well as two returning teachers in Effy Wild and Jane Davenport
as well as 

WOW!! If that list doesn't get you excited nothing will.

To sign up or find out more about this AMAZING CREATIVE EXPERIENCE
begining Jan 1st 2013,
 click HERE 

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Sunday, October 7, 2012

Guess which artist I visited??

I recently arrived home after a whirlwind holiday overseas and as I type this post I finally feel like I'm starting to get over my jet lag. My husband was overseas for work and so my daughter and I planned to meet him at the end of his working stint.

My daughter and I traveled over to England where we spent our first two days with..................... drum roll please............................ the ever so amazing and talented Tamara Laporte aka: Willowing and her beautiful family.  Tam, her husband Andy and their two gorgeous boys Dylan and Elliot were so warm and welcoming. Louise and I loved spending time with them. For those of you who are wondering, I must say, Tam is certainly as beautiful, lovely, down to earth, caring and awesome in person as the persona you see in her videos. Thank you so very much Tam ans Andy for sharing a few days in the life of the Laporte/Mason family with Louise and I. Thank you for making Louise and I feel welcome and at home with the four of you. It certainly was a pleasure to meet the four of you and was the highlight of my trip.

Tam and I.

Tam, Elliot and I.
In the above photo Tam and I are laughing as every time we tried to take a photo of ourselves together Elliot would try and touch my mouth. It was funnier than it now sounds. =D
Louise reading 'The Gruffalo' to Dylan.

Louise and Dylan at the park.
Louise and Elliot.
 After a few days with Tam and her family Louise and I met up with my husband and spent a few days in London before heading to the city of Love, Paris. From Paris we traveled to Bern in Switzerland where we stayed with friends.

I took an art journal with me (of course) but only had snippets of time here and there to use it, so I'm going to finish of a few pages and will show you some pics in the next post.

It was a great trip but I am so, so glad to home with my boys, Jack and James who stayed home with their Nana and Aunty.

My husband Tony, Louise and I out the front of Notre Dame in Paris.
Kyles =D

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