Radiant: Faces

18 in  depth lessons for $89.00 beginning October 1, 2014 

The Theme

Each artist will focus on creating a different character including the Nymph, Mystic, Child, Girly Girl, Goddess, Artist, Dreamer, Stranger, & Watcher. These concepts will be explained in more detail in the class, but essentially, each face will represent a part of your self that you might want to get to know better and each lesson will be an opportunity to learn how to create a face that expresses that aspect of your inner life.
The theme of this class, along with portraiture, is self-love. Musings on how to connect with and love each aspect of your self will be included with your face tutorials, but if you're just here for the art, that's totally fine, too!

Here's how it works:

On October 1st, all of the initial lessons will be released in the classroom at effywild.ning.com,

Each guest teacher's lesson will include in depth video tutorials, a supplies list, and a PDF walk through with musings. All videos and PDFs will be downloadable and are yours to keep.
Beginning Friday, October 3rd, I will be releasing a new lesson each week in which I demonstrate my take on a guest teacher's lesson. All of the additional lessons provided by me will also include in depth video tutorials, a supplies list that includes my suggested substitutions, and a downloadable PDF.

Here's the class schedule:

Class Opens - October 1 - Nine  lessons + musings will be released at once so you have a delicious buffet of things to try and play with right away.  This includes Effy Wild's tutorial on creating The Mystic in a 'stained glass' portrait style. 
Week One - October 3 - Effy's class on the ideal class notebook + musings on how I get the most out of taking on line classes.
Week Two - October 10 - Effy walks you through Jane Davenport's tutorial on creating The Nymph in a painterly portrait style. 
Week Three - October  17 - Effy walks you through Tamara Laporte's tutorial on creating The Child in a whimsical portrait style.
Week Four - October 24 - Effy walks you through Christy Tomlinson's tutorial on creating a Girly Girl in a 'She Art' portrait style.
Week Five - October 31 - Effy walks you through Julie Gibbon's tutorial tutorial on creating The Goddess in a stylized portrait style.
Week Six - November 7 - Effy walks you through Kylie Fowler's tutorial on creating The Watcher in a 'paint over collage' portrait style.
Week Seven - November 14 - Effy walks you through Jamie Doughterty's tutorial on creating The Dreamer in an assemblage portrait style.
Week Eight - November 21 - Effy walks you through Dina Wakely's tutorial on creating The Stranger in an expressive portrait style. 
Week Nine - November 28 -Effy walks you through Joanne Sharpe's tutorial on creating The Artist in a doodle doll portrait style. 
The class will remain open until October 2015 so you have tonnes of time to complete and/or download it! 


Nine teachers, nine faces, 18 lessons starting October 1, 2014

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